Vakas Company

Our company was founded in 1967 by Vakas A. in Iraklia Serron and is specialized in manufacturing and trading poplar lumber products. In 1992 Stauros Vakas took over the company instead of his father and raised the level of the provided services. In 2004, the company was transferred in new facilities (2nd km N.R. Pontismeno-Gonimo) and gained access to the latest technology and equipment. It was about time to expand the trade in poplar lumber and products thereof, covering the needs of wholesale customers in all over the world.


Only the best existing Poplar clones are selected and used.  Poplar lumber shows extraordinary physical and mechanical characteristics, because this type of wood is a lighter, more porous material. So it guarantees to be flexible, light and stable.

Our company uses the poplar lumber so as to construct wooden ladders, which are available in various types and in a wide range of sizes.

Due to the use of the latest equipment and technology, we provide to our clients high quality of poplar production. Poplar logs, as raw materials, are altered in order to be used in manufacturing process. Poplar lumber is a perfectly good material for outdoor and shop furniture projects.

Poplar wood-poplar Wooden ladders